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“An all too common reality across denominational lines is that many churches lose their vitality over time. They get so ensnarled in the past, and work so hard to preserve the present, that for all practical purposes, they have no future. They steadily lose their community influence, almost as if they were non-existent. The Fresh Start Seminar unpacks church life cycle principles that are both prophetic and practical. Every participant is taught reproducible concepts that will help lead their church into regaining and maintaining church health and Kingdom impact. I am exposing my entire District to this teaching and application.
Jeff Brown - Western Great Lakes Alliance Superintendent

Our Mission

Fresh Start is the process of restarting and strengthening churches that have a heritage of making an impact over the years. The 12-marker strategy of Fresh Start invests the people and assets of any church finding itself on the backside of the church lifecycle. The goal is to reverse the declining trend and build in a fresh vision for the future. The key ingredients are a partner church and a coach working together with the local district. At the Forum you will discover church health principles applicable to each and every church giving you excellent take-a-ways for any stage of the lifecycle of your church.