Dr. Kenneth

Dr. Ken Priddy is a seasoned ministry development practitioner, trainer and consultant who serves as Executive Director of the GO Center and as President of the Ken Priddy Group, Inc. He’s equally at home with church planting and church revitalization. Ken completed his Doctor of Ministry studies, submitting a dissertation titled, ReStarting the Dying Church. The combination of ministry experience and doctoral study led to Ken’s presentation of ReStart Training through the CMTC, running parallel with CMTC’s training in church planting.

Ken has written a half-dozen books and completed a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies in 2011. His books include The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in the Church (co-authored with Dr. Steve Ogne), The Silent Church: 39 Reasons We Keep the Good News to Ourselves (e-book), and Jubal’s Worship Primer: Leading Worship and Leading Worship Leaders (e-book).  www.gocenterinfo.com